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                     A World of Sensors
Object Detection Inductive Sensors  
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The increasing automation of production processes means that machines and equipment need to be equipped with controls and sensors.

The sensors are the sensory organs of the machine. They monitor the position of machine members, detect flaws and damage on tools, as well as incorporate the data they gather into the material flow at process speed.

Sensors are needed to meet the demand for increased flexibility of production lines and automatic quality control, improved occupational safety, material and
  Inductive Sensor, Inductive Sensors, Inductive Conductivity Sensor, Inductive Proximity Sensor, Low Current Inductive Sensor, Inductive Conductive Sensor, Magnetic Inductive Sensor, Inductive Speed Sensor
energy conservation. Sensors must be adapted to their environment and be able to communicate with other systems.
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Unit 14-3
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  1.0.01–1.0.23   Principles
  1.1.01–1.1.23   DC 3-/4-wire ø3, ø4 mm, M5, ø6,5, ø8 mm, M8  
  1.1.24–1.1.46   DC 3-/4-wire M12, M18, M30  
  1.1.47–1.1.69   DC 3-/4-wire block style housings  
  1.2.01–1.2.12   DC 2-wire M8, M12, M18, M30  
  1.3.01–1.3.07   AC/DC 2-wire M12, M18, M30, block style housings  
  1.4.01–1.4.03   AC 2-wire M12, M18, M30  
  1.5.01–1.5.13   Factor 1 sensoren with no reduction factor, weld- and magnetic field immune sensors for welding, magnetic field immune sensors, desensitized to magnetic fields  
  1.5.14–1.5.31   Desina diagnostic sensors for machine tools, dynamic function diagnostics; Steelface, sensors for extreme applications; pressure rated sensors up to max. 500 bar  
  1.5.32–1.5.54   High-pressure rated sensors High-End and ATEX conformal; NAMUR sensors for standard applications in Ex zones (ATEX conformal); Temperature rated sensors up to max. +120 °C; PROXINOX® stainless steel sensors for the food industry; ring sensors, sensors with large housings and extended switching distance