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Position sensing - with extreme precision

Balluff transducers are the rugged choice for use under extreme ambient conditions and over measuring distances between 50 and 4000 mm. Various output signal formats are available for integration into your specific control system. In addition, we offer processor cards with a variety of programming functions, for generating digital or analog data for processing in your control.

Compared with traditional position feedback systems, Balluff transducers offer the following advantages:
– insensitive to shock, vibration, temperature, contamination, moisture and electrical noise
– wear- and maintenance-free thanks to non-contact principle of operation
– absolute output signal, even after voltage interruption, no re-homing of the machine necessary
– high resolution, repeatability and linearity
– simple installation, marker element (magnet) needs no power
– IP 67 per DIN 40 050
– pressure-rated to 600 bar, for internal hydraulic cylinder installation

Balluff transducers offer features which assure reliable operation in many areas of automation and
process technology, even under extreme ambient conditions.
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