Topcon GLS 2000 Series

Three Models Three Ranges

  • Fast, precise scanning
  • Reduced noise, high-quality point clouds
  • Full dome field-of-view (fov)
  • World’s first – Direct height measurement
  • Surveyor-style backsight orientation

Export to industry applications

Exporting clouds or objects to third-party design and analysis applications is simple. Many of today’s most popular applications can directly accept the Topcon (.cl3) point cloud format, making workflows even more streamlined.

Processing point cloud data

After field work is complete, ScanMaster supports importing, viewing, and cleaning of collected point cloud data – providing multiple tools for registering, then geo-referencing to survey control.

Extracting Objects

Tools for creating and editing objects such as polylines, meshes, edges, and planes are easily accessed. The region selection tool is especially useful for isolating surfaces such as roadways and building walls, floors and ceilings.


Complete, full-featured 3D point cloud software package that includes all tools for processing, editing, and delivering point cloud data from your Topcon GLS-2000 laser scanner.